Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Preview of Evolving Forms- A Joint Show with Yumi Onose

First of a few pieces from the gallery wall.
The show was hung on Monday.
Tomorrow night is the night.
As usual, I feel like I need another month to take everthing to another level.
Yumi and I already have idea for another show.
By the way, we are also going to participate the YoYo Show in Nov at the Sweet Gallery and Shop @ the Distillery,
where Jon and I had the Sk8 deck show....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Painting from July

Back on track

Have been busy the whole summer. Had a lot of support and positive response on the skatedeck show with Jon Todd.
After that, traveling in HK, Japan, Cambodia and Vancouver gave me no time to upload any new blog.
Here's a new piece for the i2i 2008 calendar promo, We are all assigned to create a sample to promo a greener environment.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deck #6

Deck #5

Deck #4

Deck #3

Deck #2

Deck #1

Sk8 Art 1st Batch

Hi everyone ! So Jon Todd vs Harvey Chan Sk8 Art Show is happening next Thursday June 21 at the Distillery District,
The Sweet Gallery and Sugar Shoppe, Case Goods Warehouse, Studio 107 !!!
Come out to the opening party !! DJ with old school funk and soul and..... Beer !!
Right now we are going nuts on fine-tuning the decks to make sure they looks real treats for your eyes....
Today we are posting the first 6 completed of the serie of 15 decks to be in the show for pre-show sale.
The sale will work as a first come first serve basis. Please check this blog regarding the availability.
We also do deck on commission.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Skatedeck painting continues

2 more new ones. Now we have 10 decks total going in production. 10 more after that....? NO PROBLEM :) Just give us 2 days....right ! haha We are aiming 20 in total. Any gallery out there is interested in showing these decks ?

Collaboration with Jon Todd~ Day 1

Day one was a long day. But we were happy to have 5 new decks going... plus 3 decks which we started at demo in OCAD ( Ontario College of Art and Design ). The idea of collaboration came about as we enjoyed so much the energy of putting our heads together on the same painting, and also we were pleased with how they turned out too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

East Coast Drawings

Some drawings from Maritimes trip summer 2006.
I would got up inside the tent and drew these pictures sideway.... sometimes with a pain on the neck.
Completed the whole Moleskine book in 2 weeks. They were coloured digitally after.